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Child labor laws……

Tuesday, my day off, beautiful San Diego day…..

Girls? What do you want to do this morning?

“Wash your car!”

I am NOT making this up.

Hallelujah, I speak the truth. They WANT to wash the car.

They also want to wash the dishes in the sink (requires re-washing), they want to scrub the toilets (don’t get me started. There are little hands that end up TOUCHING the scrub brush and the water! ((gagging noises)). They want to vacuum (have lost many a barbie shoe this way), and they want to windex the windows (they get clean, but it’s a WHOLE LOTTA paper towel wastin going on!)

I shouldn’t complain, I should let them do all this cleaning, because in 5 short years I’m going to REQUIRE it to keep on living in this house, if that’s their intention.

But it’s hard. It’s hard to watch already washed dishes on the counter top go back into the sink for rewashing, and watch actually dirty dishes make it onto the countertop without a drop of soap touching them.

It’s hard to know poopy water may be splashing around outside the toilet, onto the floor, or (gagging) onto my children’s faces because they clean toilets with such abandon.

How do I encourage helping with the chores, without losing my mind watching it happen?

The perfect solution. Car washing.

Bring it on. You girls can do this every week if you like!

child labor laws |

The beginning.

Realizing the amount of water involved.

Quick costume change….

child labor laws

child labor laws

I like the effort I’m seeing here.

Nice squatting action. Shows she understands it not only about washing the car that’s at your eye level.

This car might actually get clean!

child labor laws

Cue panic attack.

She’s slip sliding all over that hood!

Is she going to slide off?

Can she dent that hood?

How much is that to repair?

Is a Whitesnake video in her future?

When’s Tom coming home?

If he catches me allowing this am I going to be the one in trouble?

So much for loving the carwash…..

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