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The other day Harper was upset because her Valentines weren’t working out right.

I had graciously cut out 3 small hearts out of white paper.

I told her to color them and we’d send them to her cousins for V. Day.

She told me that before she will color them, I have to help her make them into an art project.


No.  Just color them.

I hoped that ended that.

It didn’t.

Insistence. Help me make this into an art project!!!

I told her the hearts ARE the art project. Color them so they look like ART!


Needs to be better art.

I am stumped. How do I make an art project out of hearts?

But wait, I’m not really stumped. I’m just not into this.

I don’t feel like helping with making an art project. I feel like getting this over with so I can stick the hearts and the gifts into an envelope and mail them off already!

So it becomes HUGE drama.

Harper yelling for it be so.

Me yelling it is never gonna happen.

Payton yelling at us to be quiet so she can color (something other than hearts of course, because if she’d just color my hearts, my problem would be solved. But she’s not coloring hearts either.)

So it was tense for a while in our house.

I decided to break the tension by insisting we go for a walk and get the picture of the day.

It took a lot of convincing, but finally they rode their scooters to the canyons behind our house and then got down and dirty with exploring.



February 09, 20141

Still with their helmets on.

Safety first!

February 09, 20146

Gorgeous light at 5:00.

And I was going to mention how those “lines” in the sky must be my incredible photography skills, capturing the suns rays….or God’s hands.

February 09, 20147

But then I scrolled down to this next picture, (Harper still not thrilled with me yet), and I see it’s actually power lines.


February 09, 201419

Finally got them to take their helmets off.

Again, LOVE the light at this time of day!

Then we headed down the canyons, seeing what we could discover.

February 09, 201425

February 09, 201438

Love how appropriately dressed Harper is for this dirty outing.

She’ll be able to wear that dress again in 6 months…after I find time to get it to the cleaners and then pick it up again.

She’ll be 7 feet tall by then, the way she is growing.

So take a look at the last time she ever wears the blue dress with sequins.

February 09, 201442

So the sun is definitely starting to set.

I told them we’d only be able to stay until the sun dips down behind the hills of the houses nearby.

We definitely missed that deadline.

The sun was waaay past the houses, and headed for the ocean.

I just could not get them to care. They were having too much fun.

So finally, (brilliantly) I told them this is the prime hunting hour for coyotes and bobcats. We’d better get out of here.

This is what happened next:


February 09, 201448

Payton hears me. She gets it.

Harper? Still in a little state of disbelief.


February 09, 201451February 09, 201452

Ok. Now she gets it.



She’ll be dinner if she doesn’t get out of here fast.



February 09, 201453

GO girls GO!!!

I think I see one!!!

February 09, 201455

Love it.

Like the speed.

Like the enthusiasm.

Why didn’t I think of this 15 minutes ago when I was standing around begging them to leave?


Suddenly I see an owl! I don’t think I’ve ever seen an owl before.

I yell at the girls to come see an owl, just a few feet away in the tree above us!

Sadly, this is what I have done to them.

They look, and are excited to look, but are petrified to move and be attacked.

By anything.

Even the little blue birds chirping at this point is making them jumpy.

So they look at the owl with me, but they stay safely tucked between my legs.

February 09, 201460February 09, 201461d

February 09, 201462February 09, 201464

Definitely time to go.

That’s the ocean there where the hills dip down.

The sun is definitely into the ocean by now.

February 09, 201471

One last stand in bravery to look at the owl before they make a mad dash to their scooters and get the hell out of the canyon.

(Note the walking stick Harper found… protect us from the coyotes. But ended up bashing Payton on the head instead before I ordered it’s immediate disposal.)

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