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I feel so lucky to be able to take portraits of this family with boy and girl twins.  I don’t come across twins very often. And usually they are same sex twins, not boy and girl. So it was so much fun to get to take photos of this awesome family!
But not only am I excited to take photos of the twins, (the boy and girl twins) :), but I’m also excited to take pictures of this family because they are so very precious to me!

Their little girl seems to be the axis for which my own little girls turn. They beg to see both mom and daughter DAILY! Payton opens up to Denise (the mom) unlike any other adult. There is a bond there that was formed some time ago, and it is so strong it blows my mind. I think Payton believes Denise is equally in charge of raising her as much as Tom and I are.  Not a day goes by that Harper doesn’t beg to run up the street to see them. “Just for a second! I just want to……(show her this, let her try this, see the new rug they got, see her newly painted room, see what they’re doing, see what they’re having for dinner, see what she’s going to wear tomorrow, see if I can LIVE THERE FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE!!!).  It’s sweet, it’s hilarious, and it’s annoying as hell.  But, I usually give in. I need my fix just as much as they do! Denise is my go to person for childcare, a cup of tea, a glass of wine, dinner when one of us is incapable of cooking, and in just 2 weeks, a trip to St. John!

This family is incredible, and I hope these photos do them justice.


boy and girl twins presidio park


3rd grade boy leaning against pillar at presidio park

8 year old girl with curly hair at sunset

Family with boy and girl twins at presidio Park

boy and girl twins at presidio park


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