What is it?

What is School Boutique Photography?

I offer schools and families an opportunity to have custom, quality, authentic portraits of their children at a reasonable price.

I don’t use a wildly colored backdrop and have your child force a smile.

All portraits are taken with a simple black background to highlight what is important…your child.

And I capture the personality of the child, so it may not be a picture of your child with a fake half smile that you order, but it may be the one with him looking down, so you see his long dark eyelashes he got from you, and his crooked little smile that only turns up the left half of his mouth, which looks just like his Grandpa. That is what we offer.

This is a service that parents want. They’re tired of the traditional school portrait that’s been done over and over for decades.  They crave something unique to capture these fleeting school memories.

Is this service expensive?

Our rates are very competitive.  Nothing is due up front and there is no obligation to order anything. I also give back 10% of my profits to the school.

What do parents receive from this service?

Besides amazing, natural pictures of their children, parents will have a private, online viewing gallery where they can make their purchases.
A variety of print and digital packages are offered, as well as other a la carte products, such as canvas gallery wraps.

How do I bring this service to my school?

If you are an administrator, please contact me at kimkelleyphotography@gmail.com  and we can talk to see if we are a good fit.

If you are a parent, please send your school’s principal or administrator  to my School Photography webpage and let them know how much you want this style of school portraits for your own child!






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located in san diego, california