Boudoir Sessions Myths-Don’t hesitate!

I want to dispel some myths about a boudoir session with me. I bet a lot of you think it would be a fun thing to do “in theory”. But when it comes down to scheduling a session and showing up for it, there will be dozen reasons you won’t actually go through with it. Well, maybe I can tell you why you should put all those doubts out of your mind and just GO FOR IT!

Boudoir Session Myth 1-It’s Embarrassing

I am way too embarrassed to get naked in front of a stranger and her camera! —– You won’t ever be naked in front of me. I have a room where we do the photos and a room where you keep all your clothes and you will change in there. I can help cut off tags or straighten seams or do anything you want! (tighten a corset? 🙂 ) But you don’t ever HAVE to get naked in front of me. You will call me in if you need my help. And my photos are never naked. There is “implied nudity”, which means suggestive photos of your strap falling off your shoulder, or a sheet barely covering you.

But how far we go is totally up to you. And in fact, the only sorta nude photos I have done (topless), were at the clients request. I actually forget to mention those poses because they are not on the top of my list. And any nude (topless) photos you choose to do are ALWAYS classy. That is a requisite for me. So never worry about being bare naked. Won’t happen.

Boudoir Session Myth #2-My body is not good enough

I don’t like my body. ——This is a big statement. And I bet you don’t dislike your WHOLE body. Maybe tell me 1-2 things you don’t LOVE, but then tell me 6-7 things you DO love. For me? I don’t love my nose, or my flat butt. But here are some things I will like: my butt if it’s pushed up in the air, my small chest when I’m pushing that up with my arms, my eyes, my calves, my stomach when I’m on my back, my feet, the arch of my back, my hair, my shoulders, my silhouette, a seductive look when I’m not smiling at the camera. Did any of these “things” surprise you?

Boudoir photos are not about boobs and butts ONLY. There are so many parts of the female body worth celebrating! And even if you have a hard time making a list right now, I can guarantee once you get your hair and make up done by my professional stylist, you will immediately love your eyes, your hair, your neck, your lips, your mouth….and I can do a LOT of photos with just those. And there is no way I won’t convince you that you also have a dozen other fabulous parts! 🙂

Trust me. That’s why you’re coming to me. Because I can do this. I can make you love your photos, and see things you didn’t see before you came in. And that is why I love boudoir photography. I LOVE showing you a side of you that you didn’t see coming. It brings us BOTH to tears at the reveal!

Boudoir Session Myth #3- I can’t afford it

I can’t afford it. —–Possibly true. You may not be able to pay in full up front. But the things we want, we really want, we figure out how to pay for them. You can start saving now and book your session next year. Or you can apply for PayPal Credit or Square Installments and pay it off at your own pace with no interest. I also offer payment plans. There are ways to do this. Don’t talk yourself out of it or find a cheap way to do this. The product will be worth it in the end, just look at some of the discount photographers and look at me. If it’s worth doing, it is worth doing right.

Boudoir Session Myth #4- I’m scared

I’m scared. —–I get scared too. I get scared I’ll look like a fool in front of others. It’s scary to think I’ll mess up my kids with the way I discipline/don’t discipline. Scared I’ll lose someone I love. Scared of getting older and having my body not do what I need it to do. But what would you tell someone who tells you they are scared to do something? Would you say I agree, it’s scary. Don’t do it?

My kids tell me all the time they are scared. They are scared to talk in front of the class. Scared to try out for the team. Scared to make the wrong choice. So I do my very best to NOT let fear stop them from doing anything. I never encourage them to give up. I say everything I can to get them to want to at least TRY. They are both basketball players, and their favorite quote of late is from Wayne Gretzky: “You will miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” I believe this is true for everything that scares you in life. Try it. It could be great. How will you ever know?

Don’t settle for good when greatness is possible. You can be scared walking in here, but I PROMISE it won’t last. I am not a scary person. I’m silly, I’m klutzy, I make jokes, I laugh at myself, I do stupid stuff worth laughing at myself about. It’s very low stress. This is not a model shoot with high stakes. This is a day to celebrate you, and make you feel amazing, and get you photos to take home that you will make you remember how you felt (hopefully) forever!

Stop waiting. Call me. It’s so worth it. I promise.

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