Boudoir Session Hair And Make

Getting glammed up can be one of the best parts of prep before your session! We like to see it as an act of self care, and is included with every one of our sessions! Getting your boudoir session hair and makeup done can be a great addition to the day, and gives you an opportunity to relax and clear your head before you start your photography session. With all things, you should aim to stay true to yourself with both your makeup and hair, but it’s important to keep the camera in mind! Whether you prefer more natural makeup or super glam, it’s likely that the amount of makeup required for those finished looks will be more than you think! The camera makes everything look more natural than in person, so don’t be too shocked when you look in the mirror for the first time! Trust your makeup artist and photographer; they know what they’re doing!

Want more information about your boudoir session hair and make up? Ready to schedule your own fabulous day in the studio? Contact the studio and we will give you all the answers you’re looking for!

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