Booking Your Second Boudoir Session

Sometimes a boudoir session is one and done. Check it off your bucket list. Been there done that. Session over I can save my album forever and start eating anything I want! And sometimes it gives you so much satisfaction that you have to do it again. Celebrate another milestone. Try it with new outfits. Maybe push yourself a little more into the sexy and revealing realm.

Whatever your reason, whether you just want to do it once, or you get the boudoir bug and want to do it annually…you might still have questions about how it works out for others. So here is another post session interview with a gorgeous client who HAS done it more than once. And killed it every time.

Welcome Mrs. W!

silhouette against a wall in lingerie during a day of pampering

How old were you at your session? 


What made you decide to book a session? 

I am a stay at home mom and I don’t do much to celebrate myself and take time for myself. I am an avid runner and I’m in good shape right now, so I thought I should document this time in my life with some incredible photos and show myself some love. My husband was a fan of the idea too! 🙂

B&W silhoette of abdomen and breatst

What were you most nervous about for your session?

I don’t think I’m very photogenic so I was worried how the photos would turn out. I feel awkward in front of the camera and don’t know how to pose, so I was so happy that Kim told me EXACTLY what to do every time we moved into a new position. She made it so easy!

Describe your experience

nude with white sheet covering her during her photoshoot and day of pampering

It was so incredible! I didn’t realize how much I needed it or how much I’d enjoy it. But just having a day to myself to be pampered, spoiled, and made to look glamorous, it was exactly what I needed to remind myself that I’m more than just a mother and a wife. I love looking at the photos. And I loved it so much I came back a second time!

How did you feel about yourself after your session? 

I was absolutely stunned that Kim was able to get those photos of me. There are parts of my body that I don’t like and I didn’t think I’d want to see. But all the photos she took were so artistic and so beautiful that I couldn’t believe that it was me all the time! I am so happy I did it (twice!) and so thrilled with the results!

Were you nervous before your viewing session?

A little bit. But also excited.

cozy chair with off the shoulder sweater and knee high socks

 How did you feel about yourself after seeing your photos? 

Really good. I am very critical of myself but I seriously fell in love with the photos.

What were your favorite products? 

I just love having the digitals for myself to do with what I want, and a fun album for my husband.

What would you tell anyone interested, but maybe hesitant, in booking a session of their own? 

I tell people to go for it all the time. Every woman, regardless of shape, size or age really is beautiful. We all need a day to be pampered and made to feel beautiful.

How was it working with Kim and Antonella and/or Hana?

lying on floor in lingerie

So easy. They are all so down to earth and mellow and helped me every single step of the way. A fabulous team. Really the best!

Will you be doing another session? 

I think I’ll be hanging up my lingerie and heels for now. 🙂

kneeling on chair with thigh highs and black lingerie. day of pampering
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