Birthday getaway

paradise point san diego For Tom’s birthday this year I surprised him with a getaway to Paradise Point. I actually had to surprise the whole family, because I knew telling the girls in advance what I had planned would ruin the surprise for Tom. Those girls can NOT keep a secret to save their lives.

So we woke up as usual on Tuesday morning (a school day) and I lounged around in my pajamas drinking coffee. No rushing around making lunches, no scrambling to find a breakfast food everyone would eat. No shouting out what time it is every 15 minutes to try to excite people to get ready on their own (never works, should really stop using that technique). Just enjoyed the morning. And much to my surprise (and dismay), everyone enjoyed lounging around with me. That concerns me. Does no one else have an internal clock that makes them nervous that they will be late for school? Does no one think it’s odd that the usual control freak mom seemingly does not care this morning? Nope. They are happy to sit with me on the couch. Oh, and if we are just sitting here, I’ll read this book. Oh, and if I’m reading-hold my spot-I’ll go grab my blankie upstairs to get cozy with. Unbelievable.

Finally, Tom comes downstairs. He appears apprehensive.  As he should. We’re supposed to leave the house in 13 minutes, why is no one dressed or fed? Why are there no lunches? Why isn’t my wife freaking out?

So I tell them, it’s a birthday surprise! Pack a suitcase….we are going to Snooze for breakfast and then heading out to a mystery location for a birthday getaway! There is a weird silence as everyone kind of stares at me. NOT how I played this out in my head. At ALL.  I expected the girls to go crazy and celebrate and jump up and down on the couch. I expected Tom to kiss me and hug me and thank me for being an amazing wife. Got none of that. That’s only in the movies I guess?

The girls asked if their teachers know. Have I alerted the school? What about the math I’m going to miss? What about computer lab today?

Excuse me, WHO is the parent here? Don’t worry about that, I took care of it! Act like kids! Get excited! A few more hesitant questions, and suddenly they’re down with it. NOW I’ve got some excited kids! Finally!!

Tom though…..he still looks skeptical. He had a doctors appointment scheduled for this morning. He always gets his annual physical as close to his birthday as possible. So he fasted last night after midnight, and has been eating “less” chips and frozen yogurt than usual so that his cholesterol looks good. Now I have to tell him that I rescheduled his appointment, it’s 3 weeks from today. He’s visibly bummed. Which makes me instantly irate. How could you care about an annual physical more than you care about a surprise birthday getaway with your wife and kids???? I threaten to cancel everything, throw the kids into clothes and take them to school, and he can go to his lame little doctors appointment.  Wisely, he concedes.  Good move. Now go get packed.


Paradise point birthday getaway


We had a spectacular 2 days at the resort. Never got in our car after we arrived, but traveled extensively by boat, paddle board,  Funcat sun cruiser, and a 4 person bicycle contraption that burns about a million calories for the adults pedaling, and never goes quite fast enough for the kids sitting in the front (doing nothing but shouting out directions and “faster, faster!”)

Happy birthday Tom, I hope the splurging we did this trip does not push your cholesterol over the top! And next year, I won’t mess with your doctors appointment. 🙂

Paradise point on the beach

Out on the water in Paradise point bay


On the beach at Paradise pointsuncruiser at Paradise point

birthday getaway paradise point

I love this picture (below):

She didn’t fall, but it looks like she should have. Not sure what sort of posture she has on a daily basis, but may need to work on that.

San Diego beach photographer
Another fun stay-cation in San Diego, but feeling a million miles from home.

Happy Birthday Tom!

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