Better School Portraits

Better School Photos

July 8, 2018

Boutique School Photos

What is that exactly? Well, it’s a fancy term to classify better school photos. Cuter school photos. School photos that aren’t the same, drab, ugly backdrop with a kid who doesn’t even look like him/herself!

I love doing school photos. It’s a niche I just got into a few years ago, and if I could do 5 times as many schools as I’m doing now, I would be over the moon! It usually takes 2-3 days to capture all the students, and by the end of the last day my knees are killing me and my jokes annoy me. But I wouldn’t stop. I love it.

The Right School

It’s important to find the right clients when starting boutique school photography. Preschools are the very best. Close behind that are the early elementary school kids, and then we traverse into sketchy territory with the middle school aged kids. They seem fed up with getting their photo taken before we even begin. They are super self conscious around their friends and you can see that it’s difficult for them to loosen up and give me some real emotion. And since they are not changing very much year to year, it’s hard to convince parents that they need these annual photos. But I still offer it to them, because I like a challenge I guess.

But let’s talk about these younger kids, especially the preschool/Kinder kids. Love them! I have 2 backdrops, the black backdrop and the natural background. They are happy to traipse back and forth and give me whatever I need. They want to listen to my corny jokes, (they genuinely laugh at them), they interrupt to tell me stories, they follow all my directions of where to sit, how to put thier hands, how to tilt their chin. Some of my favorite photos of all times would be considered “outtakes”, but it just shows their personality so well. I always include them in the child’s gallery because I never know when a parent will think like I do, and want those photos that are not perfect, but perfectly reflect your child that you know and love.

Want Better School Photos?

Sometimes it’s easier to just get updated photos of your children, without booking a whole family photo shoot, or without waiting for the Christmas rush. What better way to do this than to help your school improve their annual school photos? Contact me today to find out how to get an information packet to your school! It can be done in addition to those usual school photos, and you’ll just be smart enough not to buy the crappy ones and wait til the cute ones arrive! 🙂 It’s a fundraiser, with 10% of sales going back to your school….so you can’t lose. Email me and let me know if you want your school to improve their school photos!

boutique school photos

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