Beautiful December Day

Sorry to those family members in Colorado, Wisconsin, Mass….digging yourselves out the snow every morning, and curling up under a heated blanket each night.

Sorry, cause we just keep drowning in the sunshine here in San Diego. It was another beautiful day (December in San Diego!) last week. And we don’t hesitate to get out and play.


I grew up in Colorado, and still think of myself as a Coloradan.

Tom and I met in Atlanta, so I sort of still think of us as Atlantans.

And I guess because of that, I think my girls are a bit of each as well too…..

But I’m wrong.

Look at this girl.

She is a Cali girl through and through.

And she’d probably have it no other way.


Torrey Pines Beach Family photography

And Payton?
She used to have hair that was darker than Tom’s.

Someone called her a blonde earlier this year and it stopped me in my tracks.

But it’s true. She is a blonde now.

I can’t believe it.

Beautiful December Day in San Diego

I really think she’s happiest here at the beach.

This is her element.

We can never move away from San Diego.

Torrey Pines2Torrey Pines3



this kid was born with black (BLACK!!!) hair?

Even I can’t believe it. And I saw it with my own eyes!  🙂

affordable San Diego photographyBeautiful December Day in San Diego

Tank tops and short skirts in December.


Anyone have any comments?


Not rubbing it in.

I’m rubbing SUNTAN lotion in….but not this.

Sorry again.


affordable San Diego photography


This is December in San Diego….


Torrey Pines7


Instructions were to stay somewhat clean, since we weren’t going to have time to shower later.

Those instructions were disregarded.

What happened to Harper’s legs?

SInce when are “sand knee-highs” and sand on your face “staying clean”???

Torrey Pines9

Could have been a Christmas card photo!

Beautiful December Day in San Diegoaffordable San Diego photography

Dreading the day when she loses those tiny little teeth.

Love those baby teeth!

She’s dreading the day too….

not because she wants to heed my wishes and stay a baby.

But the tooth fairy really scares the hell out of her!

Can’t blame her really.

What sane kid wants a tiny flying non-human buzzing around her head at night and digging under her pillow??

Torrey Pines13affordable San Diego photography

These sweet ladies were watching me take pictures of the girls, and forced me to get in with them.

I don’t love this picture of me.

But I do love that I’m with my girls.

I need more of these. Or they are going to wonder if I was even around when they look back through their photo albums.


Torrey Pines16

Happy when I told them we’re done with the photo shoot.

Not happy to hear we’re going home.

And look how clean Harper is!!

Excellent work ladies.

Good day at the beach.

Happy December.  🙂


Torrey Pines17

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  • Caroline DavisAwe – these are WONDERFUL!!! The girls really do look seriously SoCal! There’s no turning back now ….ReplyCancel

  • Megan Barnum BijanMan you are good. And I love your writing! I can just hear you when I read it! What a talent! And I’m happy to see you IN the pictures too! So important! 🙂ReplyCancel

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