Beach, pool, or recycling can? | child photography San Diego

Child photography San Diego

t was a warm one today. We still have “June gloom”, so we were happy to see the sun come out at all on the coast, but it did, and it got hot in the sun, and the girls needed to cool off.


No. Not interested.

Too sandy? Too fun? Not sure, but got a resounding NO from both of them.



Too easy? Too close? Too perfect? I don’t know why they refused the pool. They would have enjoyed a yogurt parfait if they had gone. They love those $7 rip offs!

So how do two preschoolers cool off on a hot day without going to the ocean or the pool?

Like this:

child photography san diego

child photography san diego

child photography san diego

That is the recycling bin. It was full. They pulled the recyclables out and filled it with water from the hose.

They are sticking their heads in it. They are climbing into it and hanging out.

That is disgusting. There were diet coke cans in there. And wine bottles. And cottage cheese containers.

Yeech. I couldn’t even bring myself to take a picture of the inside of the can….it was hideous.

I guess I could have stopped this. I am the mom.

But I was taking the pictures…..

Not to worry. The bath came immediately after, and I scrubbed until there were tears and screams of protest. So I’m pretty sure they got de-scummed.

Next time I’ll really talk up the pool parfaits.

child photography san diego

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