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Friday, December 15, 2017

Del Mar Beach Photography

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Family Session at Sunset

This cute family of 3 came to San Diego for a work conference, but they made a family trip out of it, complete with a family photo session on Del Mar beach at sunset! We were emailing back and forth a few weeks before they arrived, worrying ourselves about the weather, the timing, the drive from their hotel, the traffic, and worst of all, the time change and the little guy’s chance of being happy and awake, since they are from New York, so a 6:00 photo shoot will feel like 9pm to him.

Well luckily it went off without a hitch. What better way to excite a tired 2 year old than to take him to the beach! The beauty of outdoor, natural light, child portraiture is, I don’t need him to sit still in a certain position inside a boring studio! He ran around and checked everything out, and I just trailed behind him with my camera.

Photographing Kids at the Beach

There is definitely a window for what age works when taking kids to the beach for family photo sessions. Under 9 months is fun, they can be held the whole time, or stand between mom and dad who are each holding a hand. Sitting is ok for brief periods, as long as they are scooped back up before they attempt to eat the sand off their hands.  And 2 year olds are good too. They are curious, but (most) will stay in one place long enough to capture the shots I need. But anywhere between those ages are tough. The new walkers do a lot of falling down, ruining outfits, getting sand everywhere. And as soon as sand hits their hands, it usually goes up to their mouths or eyes, which leads to quick melt downs. Not to mention if the falling down happens while they are standing in the water! That makes a photo shoot go south REAL quick!  The older 1 year old crowd have mastered walking, maybe even running, and do a lot of exploring on their own. But this means their heads are down, they are super focused, and they won’t usually look up at me, no matter that I pull out all the stops and look like a total fool to everyone else around me. They also seem to be the ones who just take off running and so I have a gallery full of mom and dad’s backs as they chase their kid down the beach, but that doesn’t sell real well. 🙂


This family beach photo shoot went well….no tired children with jet lag, the age was just right, decent sunset, and easy going family who was happy to traipse all over Powerhouse Park to get the shots we needed. Another successful beach session!

family with young son at sunset in front of treedad hugging son on beachB&W family hugging on beachB&W young boy in front of ocean3 year old boy on stone pathB&W boy sitting on steps smiling3 year old boy at sunset on beachparents kissing sons cheeks

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