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{Basketball with dad}

Tom took the girls to the rec center to shoot some hoops.

Some dreams never die I guess.

He had the employees lower the hoops, then instructed the girls to start shooting.

They were missing every basket, so they figured out quickly that running in between the bleachers was much more fun. This is basketball with dad? I’m in!

I took pity on Tom, said a little apology in my head for not giving him boys, then took my spot on the court to play a game of horse with him.

Well, apparently all it takes to encourage girls to play basketball is to see their mom doing it. And of course, as I’m getting my ass kicked in horse, I’m getting more competitive and I do not want to lose,  and that’s the moment the girls want to start playing.

I didn’t cave in though, I forced them to wait until I lost ( I had HORSE, tom had H), so they didn’t have to wait long.


Here’s how shooting baskets started.

The hoop was still too high, so air balling it several dozen times in a row got boring, so they made Tom hold them up.

Basketball with dad-Kim Kelley Photography

Then Payton learned the underhand toss. That got her a bit closer to the basket. Never went in though.

Are those acceptable basketball shoes?

San Diego photographer

Here she is, really starting to take instruction from her dad.

Giving it the ol’ Kelley try. (Have I mentioned Tom LOVES basketball?)

San Diego photographer-basketball with dad

San Diego photographer

Looking pretty good.

I see the feet off the ground!

Shouldn’t she have let go of it by now though?

San Diego photographer

And here is Harper.

A little bit taller, a little bit more athletic at this point.

San Diego photographer

Showing some real promise!

(But who am I? Just the proud mama. Who knows if these kids look like they have any basketball skill at all….I didn’t ask Tom, too busy complimenting the girls on their form to ask Tom how their form is!)

San Diego photographer

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