Basketball season has started for 8 year old girls.

And it’s hysterical.


I thought we were doing this for Tom.

To appease him.

To help him come to terms that he is surrounded by pink, and barbies, and dresses, and glitter nail polish.

We will suffer for 8 weeks, and I will force Harper to suck it up and go to practice and games, and we will get through this, for Daddy.

I was wrong.

We are doing this, because she LOVES it!

God forbid she has to be taken out of the game so someone else can go in! This girl wants to PLAY!

And hydrate. She wants to hydrate and ignore the coach.

Keep up the good work.

January 10, 201533


Yeah, she’s NOT lovin it so much.

SHE is the one that I will have to beg and bribe and force to come to games every Saturday.

This picture of her was taken about 6 minutes in.

No good.

And Tom, on the other side of the shot?

HE looks like he’s watching the seconds clock tick down on a nail biter NBA finish!

Hey Tom! They don’t even keep score for 8 year olds!! Why so stressed???

January 10, 201532

Some examples of how Harper can multi-task while playing ball.

Here she is either trimming her nails with her teeth, or maybe assessing her lips for signs of dryness and peeling.

January 10, 201512


Obviously something is entertaining over on the sidelines.

It would be even funnier if she would look straight ahead and take notice of the girl in front of her who seems to be losing her pants.



This is how the coach taught them to run right?

With their arms pinned behind their back?

Luckily for her no one on her team is too excited to pass the ball, so she’s not likely to get hit in the chest or face in the next few seconds.

January 10, 201525

Those arms, that face, that leg position?

Sure looks to me like she’s skipping! (And singing!?!?!)

Does she know where the ball is?

Does she care?

January 10, 201515

Her best buddy on the team.

She got her hands on the ball and ran.

January 10, 201516

And ran and ran and ran….. and who needs to dribble? It would slow down the running!!!


The ref, who is VERY lenient, did finally blow her whistle and call an end the football-type running.

January 10, 201529

No hard feelings though.



So here we are, the crowning moment.

She’s open, she’s tall, and she’s ready for it!

January 10, 201543

No bounce passes here! Just air balls, and prayers the right girl catches it!

This time, it worked out!

January 10, 201544

A little pivot, and she’s lining up her shot!


January 10, 201547

Getting ready to shoot it!

Her friends are ready to help.

And if she doesn’t let the ball go soon, I think her friend will rip it out of her hands and shoot it for her!


She shoots!

January 10, 201548

She scores!!!!

(I lost myself for a second, and forgot to keep snapping pics! )

January 10, 201549

But the pride is palpable!

I think I had tears in my eyes.

Tom, so glad we could do this for you…..

January 10, 201551

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  • Caroline DavisWoooohooo!!!! I was on the edge of my seat (after I finished cracking up) just reading this!! I’m so proud of Harps!!! Yay! Yay! Yay! For awesome girl b-ball players 😉 so glad it worked out!!!! And tell Tom I know how he feels – when Seth plays soccer I’m a mess – yelling, biting my nails …. Crazy!!! XoReplyCancel

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