Balboa Park Family Photography

Balboa Park Family Photography

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Mothers and Daughters

I have a special spot in my  heart for this family.   I have been photographing them for a few years, ever since their first daughter was born. She was soooo photogenic, and smiled through her newborn photo session! You can see her here.

She got even cuter as she got older, if that’s even possible, and I absolutely LOVED the results from the beach session we did when she was a little older. Check those out here.

So I was thrilled to come back and do a newborn home photography session with their second little baby girl!   They are so stinking cute together, and it just brings me back to thinking about my own two little girls when they were tiny. That is why I am so connected to this family. There is something about having 2 little girls that just grabs at my heartstrings. And another connection we have, this one unfortunate, is that we both lost our mothers during what should be the most spectacular times of our lives. My mom died when I was about 3 months pregnant with my first daughter, and her mom died right after the birth of her second daughter. It feels like the worst possible time to lose your mom. Maybe before your wedding would be just as bad, but losing your mom right before or right after you become a mom, it’s heartbreaking.  So I feel a special connection to this sweet family, and I hope to see them every year and watch these cuties grow.

Family Mini Session at Sunset

This day we met at Balboa Park for sunset mini sessions. Only 20 minute photo sessions, so we have to have our crap together! I run around like I’m high on speed, parents screech behind me trying to get their babies to look in the right direction and their toddlers to smile. One parent has to be on concussion patrol as we let toddlers be in charge of holding babies on the concrete ground, and everyone is watching the clock and watching the sun go down, making sure we don’t forget any special groupings before we run out of time. These parents made me laugh so hard. I was wrapping it up when suddenly the dad grabbed both girls and said he wanted a few shots of him and the girls. The mom watched in horror as I got a bunch of adorable shots of them and watched the sunlight disappear. Not to be outdone, as soon as I yelled “got it!”, mom grabbed both girls and fell into position. If dad gets his own shoot, I’ll be damned if I don’t also get my own shoot! In the end, we beat the sunset and got all the shots we wanted. Success. 🙂


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