Newborn baby boy looks exactly like older brother


Newborn Baby Boy

As usual, this post is very late in getting up on the blog, and this sweet little tiny baby looks nothing at all like this anymore. This little baby is now big and strong and has a huge amount of jet black hair on his head! He’s 6 months old and headed to daycare since his mama is headed back to 2nd grade teaching again this year. Of course, he’s loving it, she’s missing him big time. As usual. I can’t tell you how many photos my husband has been sending me lately, forwarded from his friends. The photos are showing their wives hugging and crying on their newly college bound child’s shoulder. They send cutesy messages like “show this to Kim! This will be her someday soon!” I dislike that. It is NOT someday soon. I still have many many years left, so no need to show me what my very far away future looks like. I’m dreading it already, no need to hammer it home. But anyway, these photos that he’s sending me? The moms are a mess. I mean, she looks like she’s just been told she has 5 minutes to live so say goodbye to everyone right now.  And the college aged students? Oh, they’re smiling. They’re BEAMING. They are soooo excited!! What’s my point? Much like college students, this little tyke is loving his new world at daycare; and nothing has changed from the maternal perspective….we still hate to see them leave our side.
But I digress.


Brothers Or Twins?

What I really need to say is how much the baby pictures of this little guy look like the baby pictures from his older brother! His mom even told me the story that when he was born. She asked her husband how he looked before she was able to see him, and her husband responded, he looks like his brother. For a while there, they could have been twins. This is the family that needs to write names on the back of every baby picture or in 20 years no one will know who was who. But now they look much different. The hair is a dead giveaway. I am going to meet up with them for Christmas photos in a few weeks, so I’ll be sure to reference back to this post when I have some comparison photos to show you.
For now, I’ll give you a taste of how gorgeous a pregnant woman his mama was with this post here, and how similar he looked to his brother’s baby pictures.

B&W newborn collageB&W newborn baby boy with hands on his cheeksBaby Pictures San Diegobaby boy sleeping with lips openB&W newborn baby boyBaby Pictures San Diegosleeping swaddled baby boynewborn in white hat sleeping


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