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This is where you will find us every Tuesday afternoon.

My Little Artist studio in UTC.

They love this art class.

And I love it too, because it’s REAL art. Stuff I would actually put up on my wall.

Granted, it’s “real” art of owls, puppies, cupcakes, and rocketships (That was Payton’s first attempt. I think she panicked when she was told to pick something to draw, and the first picture she saw was  of a rocket.)

But still, it’s really good! They start off with pastels, then move to markers, then move to paint.

Not sure how markers are in between pastels and paint. But I’m no artist, so I don’t question.

I just drive them there (and spend a luxurious hour reading uninterrupted) and then carefully transport them and their pastel artwork home.



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February 11, 201410

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