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San Diego Newborn, Child, and Family PhotographerWelcome! Thanks for your interest in Kim Kelley Photography.

I am a Colorado native who thanks her lucky stars every day to be living in San Diego. I can’t think of a better place to raise children…or take photos!

I am a certified pediatric nurse practitioner by trade, and it’s that love for children and the training in how to handle newborns that has helped me become the photographer I am. I receive compliments from parents at almost every single photo shoot, surprised and comforted by my patience and my ability to calm babies and work with them safely and professionally.  I love what I do, and it shows.

Everyone deserves professional images of their children….the very things they value most. There is nothing in my house that makes me happier than seeing the photos of my own children on the wall….instantly transporting me back to that place and time. Those are memories you don’t want to forget. But how can you rely on Facebook to remind you? What good are snapshots on your phone?  That’s where my service comes in.

I don’t just meet you at the photoshoot and snap a few hundred pictures and drop a CD off in the mail to you! That’s lazy, and a disservice to you.

I want to meet you before the photoshoot. I want to hear about what you like, what you want, what you dream of having but maybe never thought was possible. Do you want to capture “a day in the life” type of session? Where I follow you through your day and capture all those little moments happening right in your kitchen, in your rocking chair, in your cozy place? Do you want pictures in your backyard AND on the beach? Do you want a huge photo album to pass on to future generations? Do you want to line your staircase with framed black and white photos?  Or how about filling your living room wall with canvases? Or a funky wood frame hanging in your office? Or maybe a sculpted beautiful wooden frame to match your nursery colors for your baby?  I can do all of that. I will not leave you with 30 images and no clue on how to proceed. Do you know most people think an 8×10 is a pretty big photo? What if I told you I would recommend you get a 20×30 canvas for your family room? Would you gasp in shock? What if I showed you EXACTLY how it would look, with your EXACT photo that I just took, hanging on your wall? I can do that. I have an iPad and an app and I can show you precisely how your walls will look. Still scary? Not a bit! Don’t sit around with a CD full of images you can’t see because you don’t know where to begin to print them. Let’s make this happen!  Don’t waste another minute….call me to make an appointment. Your children are worth it.


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