8 month old boy | San Diego child photographer

I can’t believe this little 8 month old boy (in these pictures) is turning 1 today!!

I am obviously (very) late in posting these pictures, since he’s no longer anywhere near 8 months old…. but there is something so perfect about getting to post them on his actual birthday. He is the son of my friend, and I am lucky to be his photographer every few months! I was hoping to make it to his 1st birthday party and get some cute shots there, but it’s up in Northern California, so I gave his mom a quick tutorial on how to use her nice camera….I’m sure she will do great….and how can you NOT get a good picture of this cutie?  The camera loves him!! And he’s not stingy with his smiles!


8 month old baby boy sitting with tie and sweater on | San Diego child photographer


This picture made us laugh and laugh. In truth, he just liked hanging out in this position. It wasn’t as if he got into the superman pose and then got right out of it. Oh no, this is a real superman! He just hangs out like this! One of the beautiful things about 8 month old boys who can’t crawl yet…..they do other entertaining things with their bodies, which often make for great photos!


8 month old boy in superman pose | San Diego child photographer



Here’s the happy family all together! The photos are really my friend’s passion, they mean a lot to her (as they should!). But I must give props to her husband…he is up for anything! Any location, any pose, and any request I make of him (climb up there, hide behind here, support them from behind, drag my equipment up here). SUCH a great sport!  And his smile doesn’t even look forced!


mom and dad with 8 month old baby in front of columns | San Diego child photographer


I asked if he felt comfortable throwing the baby into the air. Most of the time, I get a wimpy little lift off, and the baby usually doesn’t even clear the dad’s hands! Especially not far enough away to capture a picture of it. I think everyone is a little nervous throwing an 8 month old into the air.

Not these guys!

The baby loved it. The dad loved it. I loved it except for the fact that he was moving so fast it was hard to grab a shot!


dad tossing baby boy in air in woods | san diego child photographer


Such a gorgeous San Diego night. We were in Balboa park, and there are so many different pockets there to stop and take photos. I love how the sun was setting down in this little canyon at the edge of the park. What a darling little family!


family of 3 with baby in woods | San Diego child photographerMom and dad kissing baby in woods | San Diego child photographer


Happy birthday sweet boy!! Can’t wait to see your mama’s awesome photos!! (But don’t forget to come back and see me too!!)  🙂



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  • Megan BrooksVery cute! And wonderful pictures as always. You are so good at capturing your subjects’ personalities.ReplyCancel

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