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I was so excited to see my friends and get newborn portraits when their sweet baby girl was just 8 days new! This family is so cute, and so much fun….we had such a good time getting maternity photos before the big arrival….big sister was a show stealer then, and nothing had changed when I visited at her house a few weeks later.  Except now she was a big sister! Very proud, very curious, and I think a little bit protective as well.  We did the photos right in baby E’s nursery, and big sis parked herself right outside the door, watching most of the shoot from there. I think she would have preferred to right up in my business, helping (?) me and getting her hands on everything, but mom kept her a few arms lengths away. I still heard all the hysterical questions that arise from a 2 year old when she is watching her sister get photos.

Why is naked?   Why is her diaper off?  Whose blanket is that? Can I lay in that basket? Whose basket IS that? Why is she crying? Why does she have a paci? Who’s bow is that? Can I have that? What’s that? Can I have that?

Endless chatter which a few times had me laughing so hard I couldn’t hold my camera still!

Loved spending a few hours with this lovely family getting newborn photos…hope to see you all again soon!


Baby girl with hands on her cheeks, San Diego, CAsmiling newborn baby girl 8 days oldorganic, neutral colors newborn photography with sage green wrap over newborn bottomBaby girl with bow on all white background8 day new sleeping baby girl on white background with white blanket in black and white

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