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Trip to the petting zoo. Kim Kelley Photography

We went to the pumpkin patch last weekend. It was 110 degrees. This is fall? No hot apple cider for us….instead we downed 2 ice cold lemonades in about 8 seconds. And we fought over the leftover ice. 

We went into the petting zoo portion. Apparently, the only animals stupid enough to allow children to pet/pull/harass them all day are goats, chickens, and rabbits (for a short time only…rabbits must be the smartest of the 3). Anyway, that is ALL we EVER get to pet at petting zoos! I, quite frankly, am sick of goats. Not soft, not cute, and they have spooky eyes that can look at you from the sides of their heads. So as Payton was feeding his mouth, he was looking at me standing off to his left. Yuck. Freaky. 

petting zoo

We need a pet…..maybe that will help keep us out of the petting zoos…..


Here’s a token Tom picture, on the hayride….in case he’s feeling left out….

petting zoo

It’s so funny to me how everything here, (pumpkin patches, Christmas tree lightings, Easter egg hunts, etc) are SO busy! You wait an hour in  a line of cars to get in. Battle crowds and lines during the event, and leave feeling totally wiped out and swearing you’ll never return.

But we always do. Because the kids love it.

This pumpkin patch outing was no different.

Spent about 4 hours there, 2 hours commuting back and forth, and about $100 in rides and food and way overpriced pumpkins that the girls couldn’t leave without.

What happened to the small little pumpkin patches with one farmer, his wife, a black cat, and some pumpkins?

Too boring I guess.

I miss boring.



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  • Melissalove the photo of Tom, he looks so laid back! And, petting zoos??? Really, Kelley?!? Full of bacteria, my kids never going. Tell that to Oprah, one day.ReplyCancel

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