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Just got back from New Orleans, where it was 75 degrees. Wasn’t hard to get a picture every day out there.

But here are the photos from before we left.

This first shot is an attempt at fast shutter speed as I take a picture while driving home. The sunsets are almost always beautiful, and as I pass the bay it makes me want to stop and watch and take legit pictures. But it’s a stretch of highway that is hard to pull off of without going way out of my way. I imagine myself sometimes, pulling into the accident lane, and climbing on top of my car to get amazing photos while the cars whiz by me.

I’m not totally stupid, so I’ve never done it. I’m sure someone would rear end my car trying to figure out what I’m doing while texting their friend, and the hospital time would NOT be worth it. So this is what I settled for instead. A picture taken out my window, doing somewhere around 80 miles an hour, and just snapping away, not looking at all through the view finder. I kind of like the results. Out of 20 or so shots, this was the only keeper. And not sure this picture is actually a keeper, but I will use it for blog purposes and for getting a picture every day.


Child photography | Picture every day | Kim Kelley Photo | San Diego photographer


This photo makes me smile.

This is our guestroom. Harper is ready to have her own room, she claims. What she wants is for Payton to move out of their shared room into the guestroom. She’d like to keep the bigger, pinker, cozier room she’s currently in. But Tom and I are not ready for that. We like them together and we like having a guestroom and we will keep them as is for now.  And, more importantly, Payton’s not going for it. Harper doesn’t want a roommate? Then Harper may move out. Payton’s staying.

But a week or so ago Harper was sick with a nasty cold. She came to my room at 4am coughing loudly. I gave her some honey and Tylenol and offered her to sleep in my bed, or take her back to her bed, or she can sleep in the guestroom if she wants to, so she doesn’t disturb anyone with her cough. Much to my surprise, she picked the guestroom.

When I got home the next evening, I found this.

She started the takeover process. Moving her stuffed animal in, and on the bedside table you can sort of see that she has her book, her chapstick, her water and her hand lotion there. The next night was even more hysterical as she moved in some of her clothes and draped them all around the bed frame, and she propped a framed picture of her name by the lamp.

I think the trip to New Orleans has done a nice reset and she’ll go back to the shared room.

For now.


Picture every day | Kim Kelley Photo | San Diego photographer


So there’s this.

I am thinking about my child abuse expert friend (she’s a doctor trained in sniffing out child abuse, not an expert abuser!), as I post this. I know she will have heartburn seeing this. So I tried to keep it blurry, and not too sexy, and not something that will excite any sicko who shouldn’t be seeing this. But it was too crazy funny not to post. They were fresh out of the shower, and started playing all those teen-songs (what happened to Disney???) on the iPad. Then out came my bras. Then of course they needed petticoats, or whatever those pink fluffy skirts are called.

Then, a choreographed dance.

This went on waaaayyyyy too long, as I hear Tom yelling “time for bed!” over and over, and they keep working on their dance moves, oblivious, and I keep shooting.

It was worth it.

Child photography | Kim Kelley Photo | San Diego photographer

Nothing to say about this cutie. He’s often my back up picture of the day.

But it still amazes me how calm he is, and how willing he is to let Harper cuddle him like a baby.

Win-win for both of them.


Child photography | Kim Kelley Photo | San Diego photographer



Another day, another attempt to delay homework….

this time, with madlibs. They both love doing them, but Payton doesn’t quite get that the more ridiculous they are, the funnier they are. She, bless her heart, always gives me clues to best pick my answers. So she’ll tell me to pick a Holiday (and then add that Christmas would be a good one!). So I do as she suggests, and we fill in the madlib almost perfectly. And that seems to make her happy. Which makes me happy.

Child photography | Kim Kelley Photo | San Diego photographer



Payton was helping Tom get ready for our little party the other day. The rain finally stopped, and we wanted to get the cushions back outside to encourage (the kids!!) the guests to hang outside.

Both of these guys see me with a camera and stop what they are doing to pose for me. Not what I’m looking for all the time. I appreciate the effort, and I did take picture of both of them holding a cushion and smiling at me, but it was weird. So I told them keep working, and caught a few action shots.

Child photography | Kim Kelley Photo | San Diego photographer


Guess it was harder work than she thought!

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