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Growing up…..

Tom took the girls for a quick walk tonight while I was preparing dinner.

On the way home they ran into our neighbors, Kendra and Connor.

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Our girls adore these two cuties! So before we wrangled them to get them home for dinner I ran over with my camera to catch them with a little late evening playtime.

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This, playing with the neighbors, and loving every minute of it, protesting when it’s time to leave, is what I remember about growing up.

growing up |san diego photography

growing up | kim kelley photo

This is what it’s all about.

growing up | kim kelley photo

growing up | kim kelley photo

I am so happy my girls are getting to experience this too. What a blessing to live in such a great neighborhood and have such wonderful neighbors!

Oh yeah, and cute too!

You know that thing that older people with grown children always say? “Enjoy it, the time passes so quickly, they will be grown before you know it!” Well, these moments are the ones that I feel like I’m really taking their advice, I’m watching my girls in the moment, and loving every minute of it!

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