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Baking with kids…..

We love to bake around here. The only part I dislike is how much I end up eating. 

However, the key to NOT eating what you bake is…..letting your kids help.

And watching them do it. 

Let’s take a look as my girls make oatmeal balls…..

baking with kids

 Cute little fingers…but that ball is looking more pinched than rolled.baking with kids

Getting kind of messy. And notice the hands, next to the bent leg, which means the feet are VERY near the bowl. I can not guarantee that there was no dough-to-foot contact.

baking with kids

That’s right girls! Get in there! There’s plenty of room for 4 hands!!!

kim kelley photo

Not too scary….I could eat this one….

kim kelley photo

Oops, scratch that, not eating any of them. Look where those hands are going in between balls….

san diego photography

Beautiful work….looks great….daddy’s going to LOVE them!! 

Me? No thanks, I’m going to wash an apple…..

If you’d like the recipe for this amazing looking treat…click here!

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