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Still working on  project 365 blog, but I will admit….it’s slow going.

I have my muses (my two girls), but who’s getting sick of seeing their pictures? Maybe I shouldn’t care. Maybe I should tell myself this is only for me, and if I want 365 pictures of my kids on here, so be it. Who cares if everyone else gets sick of seeing them?

But then I have my friend Melissa, who never disappoints, and always has something to comment on. She will never get sick of seeing pictures of my girls, because she was there when they were first born. She watched me juggle working, cooking, and taking care of babies, all while trying to still be cool and entertain my childless friends (her and her husband) and act like I knew what the hell I was doing.

I didn’t.

And I still don’t.

But Melissa is still there for us, and she notices the little details of my 365 project.

So here we go…..


project 365 blog

project 365 blog

Melissa, these are for you….

You will appreciate the fact that we went on a walk in the open space behind our house….filled with bugs, dirt, snakes, rabbits, much bigger wild animals, and steep dirt hills surrounded by thick brush. 

Only my girl would wear her ballet leotard and tutu (we haven’t been to ballet classes in months!) and her favorite high heels. 

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  • MelissaYES!!! FINALLY, I got an honorable mention on this blog. And way to class up your parents, P!!! Now get your dad out of those sweat pants.ReplyCancel

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