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Just another Tuesday…. time to work on portraits! Close up, macro, portraits! 

Sometimes this project 365 is difficult to stick to, and much more difficult to decide what to photograph! So today it’s playing around with macro portraiture. Not everyone will appreciate a picture like this of themselves. Me for instance. You take a close up of me like this, I will attack your camera before you can look at the viewfinder. But with little kids, their skin is so flawless and perfect, they are the perfect specimens for macro portraits. 

We had school, playdate, gymnastics, playdate, dinner, bath, bed. I’m ready for either wine, or bed. I think bed. 

But first, here’s my post for today. I didn’t get anything amazing on “just another Tuesday”, so instead I played around with cropping. Very close cropping. 

In case I want to count those freckles on her nose….portraits |san diego photo

portraits | kim kelley photo

Hilariously huge portraits…Not sure what’s going on!! 

Play with your camera, play with your lenses, and see if you can get those close ups of freckles, eyelashes, fingernails of newborns, cowlicks, lips, etc.  All these little parts will continue to change and evolve….capture them while you can! 

Need some inspiration for your own photography voyage? Here is a link that may inspire to  take pictures out of your comfort zone!

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