3 month old baby boy-Oceanside Baby Photographer

3 month old baby boy–OceansideOceanside baby photographer-kimkelleyphoto.com



This little guy has grown so much since his newborn shoot in July,…..and still as cute as ever (cuter??).


His parents are so calm…they act like they’ve done this baby-raising thing a million times.


Oceanside Family Photographer



We met at their house for his 3 month old photo shoot and little Wyatt was a perfect model. He smiled, he laughed, he allowed outfit changes and was ok sitting in various crates and buckets.


Oh, and hats. He was ok with the bear hat. Forgot to try out any others….. but who cares?? Look at him in a bear hat!!!!  I can’t stand it….



Del Mar Baby and Child Photographer


Tummy time was the only thing that he didn’t seem to care for. But maybe it’s because I made tummy time happen on a furry, long haired, fuzzy blanket? Cute in photos….not so lovely in his mouth.


San Diego Child Photographer



3 month old babies are the most difficult age to photograph (not including teenagers). They can’t sit, they don’t really want to by lying down, and they move around ALL THE TIME!!!


Del Mar family photographer


The best you can hope for with a 3 month old baby, is a smiley one. And Wyatt gave us lots of those.

Granted, lots of those smiley shots were discarded because they were blurry from constant movement!! But we got a few keepers.

The other solution? Trap them in a container.

San Diego Baby Photographer


Perfect southern California photo…..baby in a bucket in a lemon grove.

Ok, not a grove, a single lemon tree in their backyard….but how perfect??

Wyatt hanging on….not a fan of the bucket little man?

San Diego newborn photographer


True love.


Del Mar Child photographer


For dad too….


San Diego Baby photographer


Until I get to see this little guy again in 3 months for his 6 month old photo shoot, these pictures will have to tide me over.

And I don’t know that I can ever get enough of those chubby cheeks, those eyes, that cute little pucker.

Just keep getting cuter Wyatt!! I know you can do it! See you soon sweet boy!





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