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So, we got outside today for some action photography.

The girls were giddy about helping me out.

I got a bunch of “action photography” shots with Payton blowing past me on her scooter. I have always been worried about her and the scooter. I’ve seen her go over the top of the handlebars a few times. She’s tipped right over trying to get up on the sidewalk a few times. And she’s just flat out fallen off a few times. I’m always a little nervous watching her on that thing.

So these pictures just make me laugh.

action photography

Uhhh, looking pretty safe here. I see both feet flat on solid surfaces!

action photography

Ok, again, let me remind you these are ACTION shots….and watching her ride this makes me NERVOUS!!

So why does it look like she’s standing still?

Please note the dress….slight billowing out behind her….I promise, she IS moving!! (maybe this new camera is TOO good? Maybe it captures motion too well????)

And……here we go.

See the head tilt? See the finger pointing?

She’s sick of my directions to go faster! do it again! look at me! get closer! back up! faster! be careful!

She’s done with me. Photo op over.

I probably got some sort of warning/threat before she completely shut it down. I can’t remember if it happened or not, but usually it does. She probably told me I could continue to take pictures if gave her an ice cream sundae, or bought her a new pair of high heels, or  drove her to Disneyland.

Uhhhh, ok. I guess she’s really done. 

Will work on action shots later…..maybe with Tom on his Vespa.

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