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Photography journey… day 1 of my 365

Deep breath….deep breath…..

I’m starting it again.

Another attempt at Project 365.

My third try. Third time’s a charm right?

We’ll see. This is a photography journey…one I need to take, I just can’t get excited about this trip. 

This time I should be more motivated. No out of town trips coming up to stop me from uploading my picture. I just got a brand new camera I’m in love with. I have willing models (yes, the smiles are TOO big and TOO cheesy, but at least they stand still). And I have a desire to improve my skills, and this (I’ve heard) can help.

So I’m going to do it.

I should have a reward for myself at the end of the year. Motivate myself the way I motivate my kids.

I guess that means it would have to be something chocolate and delicious.


My first picture for my first day of Project 365-my photography journey (take 3) is NOT going to be a picture of my own kid.

Surprise, surprise.

I actually will make that a second goal.

My first goal is to finish this damn project (oops! Cussing about it already, day one, NOT a good indicator of me finishing it!!)

And my second goal will be not to take 365 pictures of MY kids. I need to broaden my outlook and find other interesting things to photograph. Or…other kids to photograph.

So this first picture is my friend’s little boy. This was at his 5th birthday party. I was ½ photographer for the party, ½ mom to my own 2 kids who needed help swimming, going potty, eating cake, lining up for games, etc. It was a crazy day, but I’m very happy with this photo. I think it’s lovely. And the story behind it is sweet too. He’s actually taking a little time out, looking out on his own party…soaking it in even.  Such a sweet boy.

photography journey | Kim Kelley photo

 I think it’s good to have photography goals. The only way we learn and get better is to set goals, take chances, and shoot, shoot, shoot…every single day. 

In the interest of practicing and shooting, taking pics of my own girls would be fine. 

But in the interest of having an interesting blog, I will try to branch out, and get pictures of other people, other things. 

That is the goal. 

Can I do it? 

Need help expanding your ideas for photos? Check out this link!

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