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Baby Girl and Her Sister Photo Session

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Baby Girl

I was so happy to return to this family for their second baby girl photo session! Their first daughter has been in front of my camera several times, and she never disappoints. Slept well as a baby, full of smiles as a toddler, and an energetic poser with her brand new baby sister! So, I figured round 2 would be about the same. I hauled all my stuff into the master bedroom, set everything up, and yelled “bring me the sleeping baby!”  And….nothing.  There was a baby, and they were ready to bring her to me, but she was not sleeping.  She didn’t like having her arms moved around (key part of newborn photography), startled every time my shutter clicked, did not care for my hats or blankets, and only fell deep asleep when I was ready to move her into a different position. Of course.


Newborn and her sister

So the solo session was not going too smoothly. And lots of the photos I did get to take had her frowning in them! 🙂  So it was time to shake things up. She got a feeding, a diaper change and a time out. And I focused on her older sister. Again, did not disappoint. She acted like she was a Pampers Pull Ups model getting paid for the photoshoot. After I got my confidence back up with so many great shots, I set my focus back on the baby. I put the 2 girls together and fired away. Again the older girl was up for anything…hold the baby, squeeze the baby, kiss the baby, poke her in the eye….sure thing!  I finally got her to relax enough to get several cute shots, but by then we had been working for about 4 hours, so I let her be done. Good work sweet girl! You made it through. Thanks for the challenge!

baby girl on her tummy with purple wrap and headbandcollage of newborn baby girlB&W baby girl with knit pants and bonnetsleeping baby girl with arms up by her facebaby girlB&W close up of baby girl facebaby girl

close up head shot of baby girlnewborn girl and her big sister smiling

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