Boys of summer| {San Diego}

Boys of summer….san diego photography-kim kelley photo

Our 22 year old nephew Travis is in town this weekend visiting us. He could be doing MUCH more exciting things while in San Diego, but he is a good guy, and agreed to come to the “movie at the park” event with us and our friends.

It’s a kid movie of course. So we brought beer.

He ate some pizza, drank some beer, did a lot of iPhone browsing, and….made a new friend.

She is Paloma. She is just 3.

boys of summer-kim kelley photo

This may look a little sad, like Travis is flat out ignoring Paloma. But in fact, he is downloading a game onto HIS phone for HER to play with.

Too bad Paloma’s a little too young to hang onto this guy….he’s a keeper.


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