10 year old twins portrait session

10 Year Old Twins Portrait Session

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Fun Family Session

This family is like my second family. If we belived in sister wives, she’d be my choice. She’s my ride or die. She lives down the street, takes care of my kids better than I do when I leave them in her capable hands, and when we go to her house for dinner she even cooks a portion for Tom (without cheese), and that’s saying a lot.

Any chance I can mention “the twins” is an opportunity to make me laugh as I watch her confused face for a moment, wondering who I’m talking about. Her 10 year old son and daughter are nothing alike. So it’s hard to remember sometimes that they are in fact twins. And as a  matter of fact, SHE is the “first born”, but HE is the one who seems like it.  So twins is not a word uttered often in her household. But I love to refer to “the twins”. And I will continue to do it as long as it makes me laugh, which may be forever.

Ordering Canvas Prints

We do her family photos every year, and then we talk for about 11 months discussing which photos should be put on canvas and hung around her house. I think we are going on year 3 with no photos actually making it to canvas and hanging on the wall. This is a perfect example of why selling digital packages only is a bad idea!! How fabulous it would have been to see those photos for the first time, fall in love with a few, like we all do, and pick those right then and there to make into big canvas works of art! We all convince ourselves that we need to mull it over, and ask others, and look at the wall space, and all that. But I bet you can all relate that when you are going through photos of your own children, there are always only a few that really grab you immediately, and you want to keep looking at it, and it’s “the one”, but you may not want to trust yourself. Well, trust yourself. Even if there are flaws with the photo, if you love it, you love it, and you should have it. I have many, many canvas prints of my children and family that I purchased quickly because I loved it, and I figured out a place for all of them to live.

So my friend, as I post these photos many months after we took them, and you have yet to have any canvases, we will set a date to pick them out and get them made. No more waiting. The twins need a spot on the wall.


Photographing Twins

I wish I could have photographed these twins (still laughing!) when they were babies. I love boy/girl twins and coordinting bow ties and headbands and all that cute stuff. Their mom tells me a hilarious story about how they tried to sleep through their newborn photo session (that would have been heavenly!! That’s the #1 goal of newborn photo sessions! Hello!?!?!) but her photographer kept telling them to try and wake the babies up. I’m cringing and my heartrate is rising as I type that out. WAKE THEM UP?!?!?!  Well, luckily they were sleepy babies, because I’ve seen the photos of them and they were asleep in most. 🙂  But as much as I love it, newborn twin photoshoots are very hard. So luckily I get these cute twins when they are VERY accomodating to all my requests for posing.

At this last photo shoot I asked them to show me how they had been learing how to dance in Cotillion and they complied. I didn’t think much of it at the time, but some of those dancing photos turned into their moms favorite images. (canvases….hello….those were the photos she saw and called me screaming about! canvas time….)  Take a look at these cute, cute twins. 🙂

Final Plea to Get Those Prints Ordered

And by the way, one final thought. PLEASE don’t think the canvases, or framed prints you hang in your house need to be the properly composed family photos. Some of my absolute favorite photos adorning my walls are photos I took when my kids were messy and unposed and not even looking at me. They were looking at each other, covered in wet sand, laughing hysterically, and it’s a pure moment of love that I never want to forget.  So do it. Order that canvas. Order a lot of them. When you wake up tomorrow those kids will be another 5 years older.

brother trying to dip his twin sister while dancingtwins dancing in a wide open spacetwins dancing on farmbrother and sister twinsfamily session with twin boy and girlfamily photo with boy and girl twins10 year old twins photo session

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