10 Reasons Why You Should Book a Boudoir Shoot

Ok, if you need a reason…

Boudoir… you’ve heard of it, maybe you wonder if you are even saying it right! ? But there has to be some reason why women of all ages, shapes & sizes are stepping in front of the camera for these intimate portraits.

Most importantly, you want to know what booking a session would mean for you. To be honest, the answer is different for everyone because boudoir is for EVERY type of woman. Sooo… here are 10 reasons why you should book a boudoir shoot.

1. Congrats, You’re Engaged!

There are sooooo many times you will be in front of the camera now that you said yes! Engagement photos, first-look photos, the ceremony… why add wedding boudoir photography, as well? Most of those photos aren’t for just you, but also friends and family and those who can’t attend the ceremony.

A boudoir wedding shoot is just for you and your significant other. Imagine the look on his or her face, when you hand them a cleverly disguised album filled with intimate portraits. A small token of the desire you share for each other!

Bonus: We have also partnered with a local lingerie boutique to offer a boudoir session for you and a styling party for you and your bridesmaids. Now that’s a unique bachelorette weekend!


2. Will You Be My Valentine?

What better reason to go all-out for Valentines? Flowers, chocolates, red or black lingerie, things you and your partner love doing together or share in common. Perhaps, you opt for a more steamier photoshoot —channeling all that bombshell energy! Ask me about couples boudoir sessions!

No current love interest? Give you Cupid the middle finger and celebrate Single’s Awareness Day with a photoshoot for yourself!

3. Since You Been Gone…

Being ghosted, a nasty breakup, or a messy divorce… skip the pity party and embrace your new freedom! (okay, okay… a few scoops of cookie dough!) You are strong, you are beautiful and you are enough. Book that boudoir session and remind yourself that you owe yourself the same love you invested in others.

4. You Reached A Milestone

Just finish your Master’s program? Maybe you finally reached that fitness goal after a year of hard work? OR maybe it was just a rough few months. Commemorate the end of one chapter and the start of another with a boudoir shoot! Every time you see your beautiful images, you will remember how far you have come and what you are capable of achieving.

5. Empowerment!

I love being a photographer. I love that moment when the client comes in shy or nervous, then during their photoshoot, it happens! You see your client begin to glow, as they gain confidence with every frame. By the end of the photoshoot, the client just exudes so much energy and poise. Boudoir photography is just that — empowerment!

6. Happy Birthday to You (or Them!)

Do something a little different this year for your birthday! No birthday selfies! Go all out and give yourself the gift of self-love and acceptance. You will have beautiful images to commemorate your birthday. You are fabulous and you know it!

Orrr… maybe you give your partner a jaw-dropping gift for their birthday. A fancy dinner and cake only last for an evening. Our luxury albums and wall-art are gifts that give the whole year!

7. Momma Needs Some Pampering

Give yourself some TLC! After kids, your body changes. But you haven’t! Take a day off, book a night at your favorite hotel, and then in the morning Kim Kelley Photography will arrive for your photoshoot! Your body is not ruined, you’re a goddamn tiger who earned her stripes!

8. A Special Gift for Your Soldier

Being apart from your loved one can be one of the hardest experiences for anyone to go through. Without the physical touch, the lazy Sunday mornings sleeping in… it’s tough to share intimate moments with your partner. Keep the passion alive and let them know you are thinking about them while they are overseas. Book your shoot and keep your loved ones dreaming about you!


9. Then vs. Now

You most definitely did not peak in your 20s! It’s time to unveil the goddess within, escape your everyday routine, and dress up (or down) to your delicates. Our boudoir sessions include professional hair & makeup — you’ll walk in front of the camera ready to captivate the world. Believe it or not, seeing yourself in a whole new light is an experience like no other.

Boudoir is not for one type of woman, it’s for EVERY type of woman. It’s for the ladies with scars (inside and out), stretch marks, the ladies who’ve never worn lingerie, and the ones who live for the lacey things.

10. Happy Anniversary, Honey!

It’s been some time since you first met, maybe you two have fallen into the same routine. Binge-watching Netflix and breakfast at your favorite diner.. But let’s break the routine with a boudoir shoot! Let us know your anniversary date and we will help you give your partner the best gift ever!

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