10 day old baby girl | Point Loma | Kim Kelley Photography

I was so excited to meet this beautiful little 10 day old baby girl over the holidays! There is a big story behind this little baby girl….or at least I’m making up a good story….

Her mom is the best friend of Payton’s teacher last year. (Payton’s most favorite teacher ever! The Disney princess we call her.) These 2 ladies have been friends forever and moved out to San Diego together (from Colorado, where I’m from too, so I feel a kinship to them, as if I’m the 3rd (forgotten) best friend.)

Anyway, friends forever, met their husbands, established lives and careers here, and now they have babies 6 months apart.  And wouldn’t you know it, one is a boy, and one is a girl. Who couldn’t predict that there is an arranged marriage in their future? I love the idea that best friends will someday become….well, I wanted to say sisters-in-law, but that’s not right. I guess just in-laws to each others kids. So obviously, I didn’t plan this through, because that didn’t end right, but still, if it does work out, there will be many, many big holiday gatherings among this crew. I’m sure there will be anyway, no one really needs to get married just for that, but now I’m just ruining my daydream/story about 2 of the cutest little newborn babies. So let’s just pretend that little miss C here and her beau do end up together….you can tell yourself that’s why she’s smiling in one of these photos.

side lying newborn with cream colored wrap

10 day old baby girl | Kim Kelley Photography


10 day old baby girl | sleeping on her side on all white backdrop


simple B&W newborn sleeping on tummy


10 day old baby girl | newborn baby photography | San Diego Kim Kelley PHotography


organic sleeping side lying newborn baby white backdrop

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