Sweet 1 year old baby girl on the beach in stockings

This sweet little girl was not feeling 100% for her 1 year old baby photos.  But what are you going to do? Mom and dad are both busy in the Navy, working a ton of hours, missing each other at home due to crazy work schedules, so when the photo shoot is booked, you go! No matter if you haven’t been sleeping well and your nose is running.  That’s just the way of 1 year olds anyway, isn’t it? Try to catch a baby WITHOUT a runny nose, I tell ya, THAT is the challenge!

I met this cute cute family through my  job at the Navy. I feel like I’ve watched this family grow up. I first knew Amy when she was a resident in the pediatric program at Balboa. She met John, a pilot, and they fell in love and got engaged. That’s when I first got involved, when she asked me to take engagement photos  of them. She wanted to make it memorable, so we hit Coronado, since they love the beach, and Balboa park, since that’s what she knows best about San Diego. I was lucky enough to be a guest at her wedding, NOT the photographer, but caught back up with them not too long after the wedding to get (exciting!!) maternity photos! 

Much less hullabaloo about where these photos were to be taken. She’s pregnant, she’s tired, she’s uncomfortable, and she’s due in 11 days (NOT the ideal time for maternity photos, mind you, WAYYYY too late!). So we just went to the woodsy area behind my house. Couldn’t have been easier for me! Wish all my maternity photo clients were this agreeable to any location, would make it so much easier.  But the location, as convenient as it was, was also beautiful. I would go back there in a heartbeat for more sessions. We definitely got lucky.

Soooooo…..11 days later, this cutie arrives! You can see Ellie’s newborn photos here

She was a Seahawk fan right out of the womb.  Had to be. This is a non-negotiable. There is so much Seahawk talk, we almost skimmed right over the most interesting part of John’s history (according to Tom).

Fast forward to Ellie’s 1 year old baby photo shoot. We met in Del Mar, at the beach. She kept her little sweater on, since she had a cold, and her nose turned a little red, and was a little runny, but we did get some cute shots regardless.

I am captivated by her little legs on my stool in the sand….complete with her little white tights. I am so used to seeing barefeet on the beach, no matter what age, that seeing her little legs all covered up in those thick white baby tights just tickled me.

Anyway, the girls and Tom met us there, and the girls helped entertain Ellie and get her to look in my direction. I was trying to get more family shots, but I had to stop Tom from talking to John to get John into the shot. Tom discovered that John went to Marquette University, in Milwaukee.

Game over.

Talk about Seahawks? No.

Talk about baby girls? Forget it.

Talk about the upcoming move to Portland? Ummmm….tempted, since Tom loved the coffee blended drinks he had there, but still no.

Talk about releasing John from the conversation so I can finish their family portraits and we can go eat? Definitely not.

Tom liked John to begin with. Great guy, easy to talk to, funny, nice. But once he heard that John went to Marquette, he liked him even more. And then he finds out that John follows Marquette basketball? Tom’s most favorite team ever in his favorite sport? Well, that’s when Tom fell in love. And that’s when Amy started getting pictures of her and Ellie alone. So no, she’s not a single mom, but as soon as Tom showed up, she might as well have been. Tom finally released John from all the Marquette talk, and we got him in some shots, but it wasn’t easy.

No one is happy that this sweet family is moving to Portland.

Add now I will add Tom to that list.



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