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I was lucky enough to spend the morning with this precious 1 week old baby girl, Madelyn.

I was so happy to hear from this sweet little family when they had their 2nd baby girl and wanted newborn photos of her!

Their first daughter was a breeze to photograph, so I expected the same from baby Madelyn, and I got it! I give all the credit to the parents. I gave them strict instructions, which basically boils down to 1. keep the house at 80 degrees, no matter how sweaty you get, and 2. stay far away from the photo shoot so Madelyn doesn’t sense you/smell you and get restless. They obliged on all counts. Which, as any mom of a 1 week old baby girl can probably imagine, is a very difficult thing to do (to stay away).  But this sweet baby’s mom posed for a few shots, then disappeared until M instructed us that it was time to eat again.

It was a super easy shoot, and little Madelyn let me dress her, pose her, flip her over and leave her naked. All the things most 1 week old babies would protest.


black and white newborn photo


A few big sister shots before she was whisked off to preschool….but not before a kiss for luck.


1 week old baby girl

Little miss M played the perfect part of the princess in the princess and the pea.  And without an actual pea, happy to report she slept soundly.


baby girl princess and the pea bed

SUCH a good sleeper!  I can’t believe this little girl allowed so many different costume changes, position changes! That 80 degree house must have really done her in!


1 week old baby girl

These are dad’s hands. I like to say for this photo: He’s got his whole world in his hands.  I think he would agree with that. 🙂


1 week old baby girl


Sweet sailing little one….


baby girl on a sailboat

And finally….plain and simple. You just can’t improve on perfection….and a 1 week old baby girl? Perfection defined.

Congratulations you guys! Enjoy your 2 sweet girls…there is nothing better in the world! 🙂




1 week old baby girl



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